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A machine learning approach to SWIFT transaction classification

In order to move value around the world reliably and securely for our clients, Ebury is a financial institution connected to the SWIFT network, the world’s leading provider of financial messaging services.  More than 10.000 financial institutions are currently connected to the network, enabling international funds transfer across more than...

January 14, 2022

PyConEs 2017 overall

In September 2017 Ebury went to PyCon Spain 2017 which took place in Cáceres (Extremadura), at the beautiful location of San Francisco’s Cultural Complex. Read on for insights on refactoring, unicode, serverless, testing factories, diversity in the work place and open source! In this article we would like to give...

October 31, 2017

PyDay MLG 2016

After the great reception of the First Python Málaga Meetup, we were eager for the next event! Next stop: PyDay 2016. PyDay 2016 is an event organised by Python España, aimed to expand local Python communities and running from 12nd – 18th of September. Local community meetups, dojos and workshops happened...

September 20, 2016

First Málaga Python Meetup

Last week, the Málaga Python meetup debuted with a fabulous event. The much anticipated event was over subscribed, with lucky 30 people converging upon the Ebury office in Málaga to hear from one of our team leaders, Adrián Matellanes....

September 13, 2016
Quality assurance

What does QA mean for Ebury?

Our teams are cross functional and fully responsible for the quality of the product they produce. We apply an end-to-end philosophy to our daily work, that is, we are responsible from user story creation through to ensuring that story is delivered, working and supported in production. Every team member will...

August 31, 2016

Our favourite online and desktop design tools

Designers always look for the best set of tools for their next project, but often the ones already in place can be used for their purpose – achieving different things with different goals in mind. As a designer, I try to use tools that fit the project needs as well...

August 25, 2016