Author: Raúl Quesada

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Agile Lean Coffee

This week we completed the second edition of the Malaga Agile Meetup. This time, we held a Lean Coffee meeting. Once again, the attendance was incredible; the 30 available seats were filled in a short time and the waiting list was growing right up until the day of the event. Our...

June 14, 2017
Agile , Events , LABS

Agile and Beers

After our agile adventure in Vitoria (CAS2016) we come back empowered and with a lot of energy to create an agile community in Málaga. Using this wave of power we decided to create the first Malaga Agile Meetup. Our main objective with the meetup is to collect all the agile...

March 21, 2017

Team motivation

From the beginning of the times humanity has been able to do awesome things that made a big difference to the world: the discovery of fire, language, wheel, electricity, penicillin examples of the most important ones. These discoveries were made possible by people with a strong motivation....

December 8, 2016