Last month Silvia Cuenca (left) and Daniela Velasquez were both promoted to Senior Engineers at Ebury. Tech teams – and Fintechs in general – have a challenge in achieving a more gender-balanced workforce. So we caught up with Daniela and Silvia to learn more about what it’s like to be a woman in Tech, how the industry can be more inclusive, and how Ebury is ahead of the game.

First thing’s first, congratulations on your promotions. How does it feel?

Daniela: I feel very proud, we’ve both worked extremely hard to get here, so we’re thankful that we’ve been given this recognition.

Silvia: It feels so good, we’ve both been working towards this for a while, so to make these titles official is brilliant. There is lots of recognition in the Tech team, but getting promoted is very nice.

What made you want to work in Tech?

Silvia: When I was a child I loved to spend time with my computer, not just playing games (though I am a HUGE fans of The Sims!) but also just messing around with things and experimenting – I love to learn!

Daniela: I also loved my computer as a child and also spent a LOT of time on The Sims! I then studied a few different things as I went through education, but none of them really excited me. This is when I realised my true passion was for technology, so I followed that path.

What do you like most about working in Tech?

Silvia: You get the opportunity to develop and create something for someone that can really help them – maybe it helps them do something they couldn’t do before or helps them do something faster, or helps them do something easier. It’s that sense of helping people that I love most.

Daniela: I also love that we solve problems for people. Being able to get creative to overcome challenges is very motivating. I enjoy being creative and that there is so much variety in what we do – there is no one size fits all approach in Tech!

Tell us what it’s like to be a woman in the Tech industry.

Daniela: I can’t lie, sometimes it can be difficult. It is an industry that is unbalanced in its gender make up – there are many more men in Tech. However, I have to say that in Ebury I feel very lucky! There is a real sense of inclusion and I don’t think my gender holds me back here. It’s actually a great experience being a woman in tech at Ebury, but I know for sure this is not the case across our industry.

Silvia: I know in other companies there is much greater pressure on you as a woman in tech. There is a pressure to ‘fit in’ but also to stand up for yourself. It can feel lonely and tough. This isn’t the case at Ebury though. I feel we have much better equality here and that I am treated fairly, respectfully and equally by everyone.

It’s actually a great experience being a woman in tech at Ebury, but I know for sure this is not the case across our industry.

How do you think Fintechs can encourage more women into their workforce?

Silvia: Representation matters. I think it’s super important to have women role models so young people can see that it can be a career choice for anyone, regardless of gender or any other characteristics. I believe that if more young girls could see someone ‘like them’ in Tech, they would be more likely to choose it as a career.

Daniela: I agree with everything Silvia says. You have to teach boys and girls at a very young age, and role models are the best way. Boys and girls need to feel they will be included in all manners and that they can collaborate regardless of their gender. I believe Fintechs can play an important role here, but it’s a much wider issue for society.


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