How we build things is just as important as what we build. These articles let our engineers explain the “why” of what we do, and how we put the “tech” in “FinTech”.


Maximising value by utilising our tech stack

At Ebury, we have decided to address a long-standing customer requirement by exploiting existing tech capabilities whilst at the same time enabling our employees to be fully creative and learn something new. The team About 6 months ago we decided to build a cross-functional team called the “COM-Squad” (Commercial Squad)...

July 12, 2022

Dependency Injection in Salesforce

Dependencies: good or bad? When it comes to code dependencies, you will often see this example: public ClassA { } public Class B { private ClassA service; } As you can see, ClassB needs ClassA to do its job, in other words, Class B is dependent on ClassA. This is...

June 23, 2022