Last week we had the opportunity to host the ‘Observability: what it is and how to add it to our Angular applications’ Meetup at Ebury’s Malaga office, organised by Angular Malaga and the Google Developers Group in Malaga. Red Hat Software Engineer, Israel Blancas, discussed how observability impacts frontend development.

During the session, Israel showed us the importance of monitoring our modern applications and how we can achieve that by using metrics, logs, and traces, with a huge variety of tools and some live examples.

It was a great evening of sharing experiences with fellow developers working at places like GitHub, Google, and Red Hat.

At Ebury, we understand that progress is a collective endeavour, and by hosting these types of events, we have reinforced our goal to be a catalyst for growth and innovation within the tech industry. Our team relished the opportunity to engage with their peers in the Malaga tech landscape.

Big shout-out to everyone who came to the gathering. Let’s keep the ideas rolling. 

Catch you at the next one!

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