As part of our mission to expand the engineering team in Brazil, we have moved forward with the plan to connect ourselves to the local technical community. Not only to find talent and help us write our history but also to share who we are and how we are disrupting the international payments market with our FX solutionsWith this in mind, last week, we were thrilled to participate in Python Brazil as Silver Sponsor for the first time.

The conference

Python Brazil is the biggest Python conference in Latin America and the place to go for companies like Ebury – which have Python as one of the core technologies.

It was seven days, more than 10 hours per day, with live content and many sessions to watch great people sharing a lot of knowledge. There was an audience for the most diverse talks and activities regardless of the required seniority level. 

Because of the unusual times and challenges that we are facing right now, the conference was online and extremely well organised from different perspectives: rooms, voice channels, registration, support, questions, conduct moderation, and the availability of the staff.

Huge congratulations to all people who worked hard to make the event a success – including the volunteers who were there all the time, helping the attendees have the best possible experience.

A journey towards engagement

The conference granted us 1 hour and 30 minutes every day to share everything about Ebury; not only in a specific channel to text and chat about it but also a voice channel that we could talk and receive instant feedback or questions from the people.

We had more than 100 people engaged in those daily sessions, where we shared topics about:

  • Who we are and where we are.
  • Culture and values around people and recognition.
  • Diversity of 100 different nationalities in our teams.
  • Software engineering practices and the technical vision.
  • Careers and opportunities.

Finally, we had the opportunity to host a 3 hours workshop to share how the money really flows internationally. It was a great time to put aside all technical related stuff and dive into the business model of Ebury and what are the challenges that companies have when sending or receiving money internationally.

The result

Every day we talked for the whole time that we had available, and there were exactly 63 different questions asked in the chat. The level of engagement was high, and people were comfortable even asking challenging questions related to salaries, culture, diversity, and work-life balance. 

Interestingly, one of the questions was whether we use software monitoring tools to check what our team members are doing on the computer. Obviously, the answer was simple enough that there is no such thing in Ebury.

Then, we finished the conference using the entire 3 hours slot available to us to talk about how money flows internationally. The feedback was fantastic, with people sharing that, for the first time, they could understand how FX trading works, the central banks’ role, and the SWIFT network internals.

An experience that connected Ebury to the technical community a little more and met the conference’s expectation: to share knowledge with everyone.


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