In Ebury IT we care a lot about our fellow company mates, this is why we like to share knowledge with each other. Sometimes you give and most of the times you take.

One of the main targets of Python programming language since its conception by Guido Van Rossum, was to  create a developer-friendly and easy to read language, but that comes with a cost.

One of these costs is syntactic sugar.  With time, some of the original syntactic sugar is being removed like a print statement, but some is here to stay.

Today’s post is about how classes are constructed without all the syntactic sugar we are used to, covering how multi inheritance and super statement work and finally we are also learning about metaprogramming, a technique used to modify your program on runtime.

In the next video we will be learning about some obscure parts of python and how it behaves behind the scenes so be prepared for some in deep knowledge, but we

also want to have fun so I included some star wars, let the fun begin:

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