For the fourth consecutive year, Ebury attended the ExpoQA conference during 4-6 June in Madrid. Events such as these are paramount in order to stay updated with the latest news in technology, tools, methodologies and all the nerdy stuff we love.

We would like to highlight the following  presentations:

  • Focus on product quality instead of testing by Dana Aonofriesei. She offered a look into how we need to pay attention to quality in production monitoring. We loved her alert system where the alerts have the status “Pending”, “Researching” and “Solved” to help manage the alerts and give better visibility. In addition, we really liked how her system automatically assigns bugs by “keywords”.
  • Yes, we can. Integrating test automation in a manual context by Andreas Faes. Based on his experience, he talked about implementing test automation processes in his company, up to the point of how developers are using code created by QA (dev in test) to test his developer code, similar to TDD but with tests driven by QA. This is something that we will be looking to apply in our own teams.

  • Why has software security gotten worse? And what can we do about it? by Santhosh Tuppad. A presentation on how security testing has become more paramount now that even more devices and applications used in everyday life are connected to the internet. We learnt that you don’t have to be an expert to discover security issues in your systems but if we want specific security tests we should hire a hacker.
  • The final frontier? Testing in production by Marcel Gehlen and Benjamin Hofmann. They gave us an interesting view on testing in different environments. We were interested in their solution regarding testing in a “production” environment by managing the architecture e.g. redirecting production environment to obfuscated data stores or using an A/B testing technique.

We would like to thank Ard Kramer, Miriam Miranda, Graham Moran and the organisers of the ExpoQA for giving all of us the opportunity to share ideas and learn from other developers.

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