Ebury Labs has released a new WordPress plugin to make it easy to apply proper hreflang SEO meta tags, enabling content to be mapped across multiple languages and websites in a WordPress multi-site setup.

Ebury uses WordPress multi-site as a specific domain-based multi-lingual solution, maintaining content separation and domain-specific content regardless of other Ebury websites. The downside to this approach is related to the hreflang SEO implementation; WordPress can’t ‘map’ a post to its counterpart in another language simply because WordPress isn’t ‘aware’ of the post in the other multi-site.

The new WordPress plugin

To get around this limitation we at Ebury Labs have created a specific plugin to target the issue. The plugin offers a nice interface and allows you to map a post from one multi-site to a post on another multi-site. The search method enables you to filter by category and date to easily locate the counterpart post.

Another big advantage is that, if you map one post to another, the plugin will automatically apply it to the reverse. This also runs a recursive process if you’re mapping a post across more than two multi-sites – eg. if you map a post in your English site to ones in your Spanish and Dutch sites, not only will the Spanish and Dutch posts map back to the English one, they will also automatically map to each other – making sure that mapping posts is a quick task.

metabox on post
Hreflang plugin metabox on post or page
site selection
Hreflang plugin setup
hreflang in viewsource
The result of hreflang in document source

Curious? Why not head over to the WordPress Plugin Repository and give it a spin!

Try Ebury’s first open sourced WordPress plugin:

Via WordPress SVN: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-hreflang


Via github: https://github.com/Ebury/wp-hreflang

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