DjangoCon Europe 2018, the European conference for the Django framework, was held this year in Heidelberg, Germany, from May 23rd – 27th. Professionals from around the world gathered together to enjoy a collaborative environment with talks given on a variety of topics, from philosophical issues, to technical details.

Ebury adopted Django a few years ago now as part of its core technology stack and this conference is always great to look at future opportunities.

We particularly like to highlight the talks on Django-channels 2, a project that takes Django and extends its abilities beyond HTTP, using protocols like: Websockets, allowing developers to do applications with asynchronous communication, and doing compatible synchronous and asynchronous Django code. Andrew Godwin, the main developer of the Django-channels and South, explained the Channels’ architecture and recommended best use cases for synchronous and asynchronous code.

Additionally, the conference covered technical topics such as; representing hierarchies in relational databases, improving Django deployments with packaging, using Docker, solid  API creation and GraphQL usage, accessibility, advantages search, data edition in production environments, protecting personal data, authentication and authorisation using third parties, and more.

Here is a list of the most interesting resources discussed during the Conference:

You can find all the talks presented at the event uploaded here. Thanks to all those involved for their dedication and effort in such a great event, see you next year!

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