On 30th March, we had the opportunity to take part in SSTQB 2017 tour in Málaga and to explain how QA works at Ebury.

Have a look at our ground breaking conference presentation here.


Our main objective was to share how a QA member is part of each team at Ebury, how different tools are part of continuous integration and how to get feedback from our colleagues.

At the beginning, we shared our perspective about all tasks that can be executed by QA in our methodology (yes, ours! because we do not use Scrum, Kanban or Scrumban, instead, we use a mix of them according to each teams requirements, all the meetings are set as mandatory for each team and the profiles that are important in our teams (Scrum Masters, Devops, Designers*, Developers and QAs)

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The QA process starts from the creation of stories in our backlog, up to their release, hence, we have included tests that we usually perform (unit, integration, manual, e2e, performance, smoke, security), tools that we usually use (Pycharm, Behave, Selenium, Jmeter, Jira, Testrail, Sonarqube, Bitbucket, SoapUi, etc) and when these tools are used.

Afterwards, we explained our workflow, what are we doing step by step.

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All the information mentioned before reminded us of our evolution, which was a part of the topic; also the coverage using unit tests, integration tests and e2e, and how we solved an issue with one of our main branches that could be modified by several teams at the same time.

The last part of the presentation was dedicated to continuous integration and performance, how Docker, Jenkins and AWS are orchestrated to execute our tests and Jmeter and Jenkins to get the results of performance of the critical pages.

We received incredible audience feedback, which we found very useful and we hope to be part of such tours, conferences and presentations in the future. This is our first event but we are planning on more, such as Meetup or sending papers to AgileTD.

Our main purpose is to give and receive feedback and ideas; so let us know what you think about this conference or if you have any questions.


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